Inspired by Gejst

A geist is more than just a name. In English, Gejst means enthusiasm and enthusiasm and is the basis of everything we do. Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, Gejst creates modern, high-quality gastronomic and interior products. Our products are designed by talented Danish and international designers with one goal - to create Gejst for you.

Gejst was founded in the Danish city of Odense in 2013 with a passion for creating an attractive, sustainable design that was last attempted time.
Gejst means excitement and enthusiasm in English. From the outset, the company's goal was to challenge traditional design approaches to create a collection full of bold and fun items. Everyone brings with them an immediate attraction and passion that is hard to explain but easy to feel.
With a focus on functional design and high-quality materials, a Geist takes a normal product, looks at the need to satisfy, and then undresses it to come up with something exciting. Multifunctional and thoughtful down to the last detail, you decide on the final project and how to use it.
Each project is a testimony to this approach and this is our way of introducing gay men to homes around the world.

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