Inspired by Gilnhammer

Gilnhammer is a traditional third generation family business. Gilnhammer manufactures reusable lightweight panels, display wall systems and supplier parts at its manufacturing facility. The company always focuses on sustainable product development and resource-saving, climate-neutral production. This makes Gilnhammer a particularly future-oriented company.

Reusable mobile partitioning systems are made of lightweight materials, have a laminate coating and a core of honeycomb paper. Their design is unique, their purpose is functional and their solution is durable. Today, various solutions are available in all industries that require room separation, division or separation of different areas.

Modularity, compatibility, easy application without tools or special prior knowledge make wall systems an ideal solution, that can be reused as often as you like.

Lightweight Modules for Offices, Home Practices, Treatment Rooms, Construction Sites and Museums

Gilnhammer offers a wide range of lightweight partitions that are used in many different areas. Depending on the requirements, various models are available, which differ in the method of joining the panels. The G40 Classic is particularly popular. Considered the most flexible model, it is ideal for all kinds of offices, home offices, treatment facilities and construction sites. The practical design with simple plug connections makes the use of heavy tools unnecessary. Multiple running meters can be built in a short time without any problems and without any prior knowledge. The panels can be dismantled just as quickly and safely stowed away for the next use.

Whether you need to temporarily separate rooms or construction sites or create completely new rooms in the long term, the practical wall modules offer countless possibilities. Light panels can be positioned at different angles and radii. The room box concept is also popular, thanks to which individual cabins can be realized in a short time. Wall systems also offer the possibility of integrating power cables, light sources , ventilation and noise reduction.

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