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PITT® cooking: Gas hobs integrated directly into the worktop. The perfect way to cook, handmade in the Netherlands. PITT® Cooking is a specialist in the field of integrated cooking: it is our only core business. Our mission is to offer our customers the perfect combination of functionality and design.

Your pans will always fit. It is spacious: thanks to the large distance between the individual burners, you always have enough space. Even when using (large) pans at the same time. Functional use of space: We are not limited by the size of a square hob. The distance between the two burners is approximately 8 centimeters longer than on a conventional stove.

Only strong, high-quality materials. It's strong: we only use high-quality, durable materials and efficient, high-performance burners with unique, state-of-the-art air technology. Our pan supports are double enameled: extremely strong and less prone to wear. Professional dining experience in your own kitchen.

It is easy to use and maintain. Different types of burners for different uses


They like to stew, cook, cook or bake. The size of the pan supports provides a stable surface for all types of pans. After cooking, the main parts of the burner can be easily removed - leaving only the flat top for cleaning.

It is unique: it is patented worldwide. Development PITT® Cooking has a long history of intensive development and testing. Our cooking system is patented all over the world. Thanks to special techniques such as an aluminum hob under the countertop, a heat shield on top and a slightly floating pan support, heat transfer to the countertop is minimal, allowing PITT® cooking to be used in a wide variety of materials. A technique that is unique and only applicable to our cooking system.

Handmade in the Netherlands. Our product is designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. We are proud of it. Each cooking system is assembled by hand in our production hall in a small village near Utrecht. No machine involved.

The PITT® cooking system has been extensively tested. It is officially certified by the following institutions:

- CE (European Union)

- CSA-UL (United States and Canada)

- SAI Global (Australia) third certification and safety

- CC gas (China)

- GOST-Russia (Russia)

- SPRING (Singapore / Asia )

All our models are available in two different burner materials:

Original Pitta Cooking

- Burner parts made of modern aluminum

- Wok ring to be ordered separately

PITT culinary professional

- Heavy brass burner parts

- Subtle black coating
- Contains a wok ring

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