Inspired by Riccardo Rivoli

The story of Riccardo Rivoli is an Italian success story, a chapter in Italian industrial design that began at the end of the 20th century and is now in full swing. Beauty, functionality and noble materials are the basis of an ever-evolving styling process

one that gives shape to home furnishings and accessories collections that are designed and manufactured to be functional, attractive and durable, blending with an evolving design culture. where sustainability plays a key role.

Meeting needs, adopting new trends and anticipating desires, as well as discovering the inspiration that make any truly great project unique every day. All this is done by Riccardo Rivoli. It does it in its own distinctive way, from Italy, but from a global perspective. This is his mission, and above all a passion that encourages creativity, is a guideline that paves the way for the design of projects that are created in order to develop and transform them into excellent products.

Riccardo Rivoli is ideas, company and brand. This company, unique in its industry, communicates using the universal language of experience and initiative, combining passion with research, craftsmanship know-how and an effective industrial approach. It is a true "Made in Italy" value that applies insight into quality of life, the legacy of a centuries-old beauty culture that has been successfully combined with functionality only in the most demanding contemporary contexts. It's ideas turned into an attractive, intelligent item that focuses on comfort. These are the main features of the offer, which is not limited to creating catalogs, but also includes tailor-made solutions based on precise and specific needs. The keywords are collaboration, dialogue and exchange that set the guidelines for a design that respects the needs of all professionals involved in the process, from concept to production, to meet specific tastes and desires for uniqueness. Riccardo Rivoli does this and turns out to be a versatile inventor, and even more so as a designer and brand because he knows exactly what his customers need. Without giving up the fundamental principles of his design philosophy, he likes to face new formal and functional challenges that lead to innovative, creative and constructive ideas.

Riccardo Rivoli is characterized by the ability to meet expectations that go beyond any normal criteria. This applies to every aspect of his work, from quality that affects all stages of the supply chain, from design to prototyping, from product development to production, according to a process that requires the highest quality workmanship and the know-how of the most demanding company. All this is done with the awareness that nowadays quality cannot and cannot disregard ethics, guaranteeing materials and production processes with the lowest environmental impact of the companies: Cizeta Group, Palma, Piaval and Riccardo Rivoli. They have entered international markets with the primary aim of reaching their customers as a group of companies that can work with the widest range of styles and products. Quality is guaranteed by their design and production processes, entirely in Made in Italy style.

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