Inspired by Fatboy

The Fatboy success story began in 1998 when Finnish designer Jukka Setälä designed and produced the famous The Original Fatboy Ottoman, which is now a design icon. In 2002, the Dutchman Alex Bergman bought the rights to the pouffes and founded a company based in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Fatboy designs and manufactures furniture and accessories for interior and exterior, characterized by original and fun designs. The company currently sells its products in more than 50 countries and is constantly renewing its catalog through collaboration with emerging international talents. The core values of the company are simplicity of design, quality of materials and sustainability. Fatboy only works with ISO certified companies that adhere to the BSCI protocol of conduct that regulates the working conditions of employees. All materials - polyethylene, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyester, PVC, nylon, polystyrene and cotton - are recyclable and recyclable, while the company uses only Sunbrella textile products, distinguished by an exceptionally long service life.

Iconic Fatboy products The Fatboy is still The Original Fatboy Ottoman, an oversized rectangular pouf in the shape of a pouf. Made of durable, waterproof, fire-retardant nylon fabric, it is filled with exactly 3,542,897 polystyrene balls for maximum comfort. The Original can be used as an outdoor or indoor chair, as a small lounger or in combination with a Rock'n'roll rocking chair. The pouf is also available in the Original Junior version for children, Original Outdoor, Original Stonewashed made of cotton and about twenty colors.
Another famous Fatboy product is the Edison lamp designed by the DeMakersVan collective and inspired by a Thomas Edison bulb. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Edison is a USB rechargeable wireless table lamp that uses LED technology. The Edison polycarbonate lamp has a simple, traditional shape with a round base and a conical lampshade. It is available in Edison The Medium and Edison The Grand editions. The latter is a floor lamp measuring 90x60 cm with an application to turn it on and off and control the light intensity. Edison The Petit is designed to furnish children's bedrooms and can be customized with the Cooper Cappies lampshade.
Fun and ironic products inspired by inflatable balloon animals include the Attackle Garden Bench and Hot Dog and Holly inflatable sculptures. Specially designed for outdoor spaces, the Lamzac collection includes a series of inflatable lounge chairs. Extremely practical, they can be transported and set off anywhere without the help of pumps. Featuring a durable, waterproof ripstop nylon outer cover, the Lamzac Garden Chair and Lamzac Garden Sofa versions are available in the colors Lamzac Capri, Lisboa, Sky Blue, Tulip Orange, Jungle Green.

Fatboy: surprising equipment and complements Fatboy's rich and varied catalog, with striking pieces of furniture and accessories, such as the Thierry lamp collection or the Rockcoco pendant lamp. The Candyofnie lamp collection is based on an original and engaging concept that allows customers to compose their own luminaires. Inspired by the children's game of stringing beads, Candyofnie is a set consisting of a 180 cm long cable and a series of 8 transparent glass "candies" in various shapes and colors. The online configurator allows users to compose their own lamps, select the desired length and combine different elements. The Bolleke outdoor pendant light, with wireless and LED technology, has a bowl-shaped lampshade made of high-density polyethylene HDPE and a knot-shaped silicone rubber hook.
The cylindrical PFFFH Ottoman designed by Jukka Setälä has large dimensions. Its classic and elegant shape is combined with the sophisticated Jaquard by Sunbrella upholstery, with retro-inspired patterns in bright colors. The evolution of PFFFH is the modular Dan-nie lounge footrest, suitable for furnishing hotel waiting rooms and public spaces. Dan - cannot be configured as a round bench with a central backrest or as a zigzag bench, and its various elements can be used as coffee tables, footrests or accessories. The polycarbonate Transloetje lamp can be considered the evolution of the Edison lamp in a transparent version in 8 different colors.
Thanks to its large dimensions and excellent durability, the Headdemock hammock can accommodate up to two people. The head can be attached to vertical supports such as poles or trees, or to a self-supporting metal structure. The Fatboy catalog also includes elegant and practical pet cushions such as Doggielounge and Doggielounge Nametag, which can be personalized with your pet's name, as well as CO9 XXL and CO9 Xs Velvet bunny plush poufs.

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