Inspired by Inda®

Inda story of a successful Italian company powered by true entrepreneurial spirit. Inda is an industrial group with an established leadership position in international markets, 70 years of experience dedicated to supporting clients, Inda's knowledge is based on deep competences to learn and understand the needs and tastes of diverse markets that are constantly changing and evolving. Indy's goal is to stay ahead of trends in interior design and modern life. The company offers three categories of products, furniture, shower cubicles and accessories that combine into a unique concept of unlimited solutions for bathroom interiors. Creativity, originality and expressive elegance are the elements that identify and express the Indy design through a wide range of products, from classics to modernity, to the most avant-garde solutions that immediately respond to the constant evolution of modern times. A global project that, thanks to its high flexibility, finds space in various architectural environments and which complements and at the same time invests creative and production resources also for the supply of major international projects.

The Indy mission.

To offer solutions for bathroom interiors, respond to the current needs of living at home and change the lifestyle, thanks to a wide range of products with pure Italian DNA and high Design content.

Inda: research and innovation


Creativity, originality and distinctive elegance are the elements that identify and express INDA's design through a wide range of products , from classic to modern, to the most avant-garde solutions. Indy's Research and Development Department is a comprehensive department, a breeding ground for ideas that are constantly evolving. Not only big names, but also a laboratory of young and emerging designers, Inda has been cooperating with the most prestigious Italian and European academies and universities for many years. Continuous stylistic research has always focused on understanding and representing contemporary trends in the bathroom apartment and offering the greatest possible flexibility in combining different proposals.


The market recognizes Inda's leadership position thanks to a continuous process research focused on design, functionality, quality and attention to detail. The Indy offer is also characterized by an important selection of colors and finishes. Inda attaches great importance to the selection of raw materials used in the implementation of its products. Continuous research on the quality of materials make Inda products recognized by the market as reliable and durable in the long term.


Whole Inda factory units ensure the highest possible quality of products end points. A working method that combines attention with continuous technological innovation of production lines, tested and approved by the TÜV quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards. All operational processes from order acceptance to product delivery are under constant control. TÜV Italy guarantees INDA compliance with the high quality standards imposed by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. All Indy electric and lighting products comply with CE standards, a mandatory passport at all borders of the European Union.

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