Inspired by Infralia

Infralia has been operating as a spin-off of Alpina Belgium since 2003 and is a major producer and supplier of heating products. Our heating offer includes infrared heaters, heaters, portable heaters, outdoor heaters, patio heaters, infrared heaters and heating films for floor, wall and ceiling heating. All our heaters are electric and are suitable for a wide variety of domestic and commercial heating applications. Infralia is a guarantee of design and quality. Our rapidly growing customer base proves that more and more users are appreciating the benefits of our infrared heating solutions. Infralia has quickly grown into a strong registered trademark that is well known to both professional and home users. Our devices are welcome in many offices, homes, restaurants, gyms, workshops, etc. - all places where you like to stay warm. As pioneers of infrared heating for commercial and residential applications, we firmly believe that infrared heating will be the best choice for the future. Conventional heating systems cannot keep up with the many advantages of infrared heating. Thanks to our infrared heating panels, we bring pleasant, inexpensive and ecological warmth to every home. The applications of infrared heating are endless: perfect for playrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices and so on. For private and commercial use. Larger rooms such as shops, warehouses and workshops can also be heated efficiently, comfortably and healthily with an infrared heater. Another advantage: if you want, you can completely personalize the panel. You choose an image, graphic, logo or whatever you like and Infralia will put it on your panel. We used this technique to integrate the company's logo into their hobs. Individual customers can also combine design and functionality: a beautiful family photo or work of art can also act as an infrared heating panel. Cool radiator: why not? We have already installed infrared panels in companies and schools, which also serve as boards. We even turned the infrared panels in the bathrooms into towel dryers. We are currently planning a finishing panel in the bathroom that can be used as an infrared panel. No more foggy mirrors in the bathroom. This innovative panel is expected to be launched in 2014. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date. Moreover, we are open to any innovative idea you have and we will see if it is feasible.

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