Inspired by WaterRower

Innovative wood fitness equipment NOHrD & WaterRower - Design Made in Germany WaterRower GmbH has been present in Germany since 1994. Production of high-quality wood fitness equipment. The NOHrD label continues to stand for high quality, design and sustainability, so we constantly focus on the selection of natural and sustainably managed materials.

NOHrD Wooden Fitness Innovation

The name NOHrD comes from from our company location: Our house is located in Northern Germany, where "NOH" stands for our district of Nordhorn and "D" stands for Germany, meaning "Made in Germany". Every piece of our wooden training equipment is handmade in our factory. The combination of classic craftsmanship and precise machine technology ensures consistent quality and constant progress. We attach great importance to treating our environment with respect and completely processing bark and wood - no waste. The production residues in our plant are used to generate electricity. We also use the 2,600 square meters of our factory to produce our own solar energy, which enables us to operate our machines with low emissions in the USA and Germany. Only guaranteed young and smooth heartwood is processed. High-quality wooden elements are oiled to protect them from dirt and stains. Wood is a natural raw material that can vary in color and consistency, which makes our products unique. Solid wood will naturally darken over time. This is especially true for cherry wood.

Our leather

All the leathers used are original and hand-processed and come exclusively from Germany.

- Tanning is " Made in Germany "

- Complies with ISO 9001 (standardized quality system)

- only vegetable tanning / genuine leather fragrance

- Extremely high skin tolerance (as opposed to chrome leather)

Even high-quality genuine leather can have unwanted natural properties. There are no flawless skins. Surface treatments with polyurethane or acrylates are often used to give the skin an unnatural, synthetic look. Our vegetable tanned leather remains largely natural. It will get a little darker with time.

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