Inspired by Paranocta

As business partners and a married couple, we had the idea of Paranocta in the early 2000s. Our experience in the tourism and landscape industry led us to revival 15 years later. Fans of heavenly, contemplative escapades, we like to picnic in the bosom of nature to recharge our batteries and share feasting moments with our loved ones, day and night, even improvised.

Innovative, avant-garde and efficient We have created Paranocta for you, for your friends and for the family with whom you share precious moments in order to have the perfect light that connects people and brings them closer. Since it is difficult to have the right light, a light that is warm and efficient but does not glare, the light it covers, we have made a warm and friendly lamp par excellence. We designed and manufactured the Paranocta Cordless Floor Lamp exactly as we needed it: strong but comfortable, light but tough, slim but foldable. Most of all, we wanted it to be reliable and efficient.

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