Inspired by The Watermark Collection

As a pioneer of boutique brass products, we have been creating and finishing our solid brass faucets, showers and accessories since 1976 at our Brooklyn, New York factory. Founded by Herman Abel, a metal coating specialist, we learned how to apply his secret formulas to the finishes of our bathroom and kitchen brass tableware, with the goal of not only creating beautiful solid shapes and handles but also incorporating them into Exquisite to close them. decorative brass finishes.

Our bathroom and kitchen utensils are handmade with the care and attention to detail that we require from Herman - which results in product quality that made us chosen by some of the most demanding architects and interior designers around the world, on Trump Park Avenue, New York to The Ritz Carlton in Shanghai.

But as a small family, our passion is driven by beautiful bathrooms, wherever they exist - from the changing rooms under the stairs to the bathroom on the top floor - a luxury evolution - if you're working on something stunning then we've got security for you.

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