Inspired by Sandalyeci

As a manufacturer of high-quality furniture for the contract furniture market, Sandalyeci has been supplying global hotel chains for over 20 years. Sandalyeci, whose heart is a passion for creating innovative, universal and comfortable designs, offers aesthetic and durable forms of creation, combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with technologically advanced production processes. The main source of this motivation is meeting the new demands of customization and appealing to different tastes without sacrificing durability and ergonomics. Sandalyeci toughens its own wood range and applies the strictest strength standards to produce not only solid wood chairs, tables, cabins and complementary parts, but also metal seating arrangements and a fully customizable product offering in Izmir, Turkey. Sandalyeci has a production area of 25,000 measuring objects with particular emphasis on solid beech and other solid wood species. With extensive product lines and a wide customization offer, Sandalyeci has become a one-stop shop offering creative furniture solutions as part of a holistic approach. Focused on collaborating with designers and in partnership with project owners, Sandalyeci's design team aims to create a unique manufacturing experience where each project is considered a key to a specific design problem. Operating worldwide in 22 offices in over 30 countries, offering ergonomics, comfort and durability, it is an integral part of Sandalyeci's holistic approach, combining the highest quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. As a brand, Sandalyeci retains its differentiation with individual offerings and maintaining a wide range of fabric and leather options in-house, as well as being able to collaborate with COM and COL.

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