Inspired by ONE Mario Sirtori

One is a contract brand created by Mario Sirtori. One of them is a symbol expressing an entrepreneurial idea, a department of the company, a structure specially designed for research and production. One is the first number, the starting point. A number that implies exclusivity. A short name spanning two generations of history. One Mario Sirtori is based on the experience of an Italian company founded in 1955. As a specialist in the development and production of high-quality textiles for the furniture industry, we are constantly evolving with the times, remaining true to our artisan roots. A dynamic reality that draws inspiration and panache from passion for fabrics. With One, Mario Sirtori serves architectural studios, designers and companies all over the world thanks to a diverse range of creations, offering not only technological know-how and a fully autonomous production line, but also advice from highly qualified technicians, all trained at Home. Because in the world of contracts, selectivity requires a certain amount of preparation, constant updating and tailor-made services. Always looking to the future, today we share the fruits of our investment, which is the foundation of our culture and corporate tradition, with companies that decide to entrust us with this task.


For One Mario Sirtori quality is the result of a tireless search for perfection. It is a significant value in all our activities: from the selection of raw materials, through the examination of appropriate technical equipment and following the latest trends, to design and production, which also means quality control of the entire production line. This includes training and customer service. This process, which started at the beginning of our company, allows us to give our best: Italian top product

the ability to produce large quantities without overlooking details and concrete results in terms of product innovation and customization. Diversification is a fundamental key to our development. We know that tradition and innovation go hand in hand and "quality" is also synonymous with "sustainability", an essential factor to ensure the use of certified materials and work processes with a low environmental impact. We have high expectations, especially of ourselves, which means we have to work even harder, but we believe that only in this way can we guarantee our customers the highest quality.

At One Mario Sirtori, we believe in the importance of listening to our customers, but we also believe in going beyond our comfort zone, as the contract sector is a world in itself that requires so much more. We work with the largest architectural firms, interior designers and designers with their own needs and preferences in many sectors, including hospitality, yachting and prestigious housing. It is a clientele that requires a product with exceptional design content

a product that requires some mechanical resistance, including resistance to fire and other impacts, and must be durable and easy to maintain. With this in mind, we offer both standard and bespoke collections with all necessary certifications. In our Manufactory, we research and manufacture custom-made fabrics for specific needs, starting with the search for a specific type of yarn, and ending with the identification of the most appropriate processing and processing techniques, such as B. Product improvements and equipment. We can also produce "private label" products, specially designed and manufactured for the exclusive use of the client. From processing yarns to dyeing, weaving and finishing the final product.

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