Inspired by Jess

Jess is a Dutch furniture manufacturer that keeps pushing the boundaries. Experience a life full of courage and comfort.
People and nature - a story about a centuries-old weave. There is a new awareness of living here and now - call it pure attention. It is about taking the time to be there for each other and enjoying the moment with your loved one. Surrounded by soothing colors, spacious design and comfort.
Exciting combinations, authentic materials and natural colors, all in harmony with people in the space, each of whom feels connected with others.
And a design piece of furniture does not is a product; it's a passion. Good ideas always require better ideas.
Time flies, but not fast enough to keep up with Jess. Jess produces designer furniture with a unique character: reliable, clean and with a little courage.
Jess has 20 years of experience. You can see it in the look and feel in the materials and extreme comfort. We keep our word. So come and see, feel and experience.

Dutch design
Others - thanks to a unique production process.
Seductive - due to our authentic and distinctive materials and specific shapes.
Pure - because of our sustainable Dutch nature.
Welcome to the intriguing world of Jess Design. Immerse yourself in the informal atmosphere that our furniture creates and discover how a whole range of striking individual elements come together into one big family.

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