Inspired by Pietra Sinterizzata

Sintered stone, high-quality porcelain stoneware, is a very versatile artificial material with many uses in endless exterior and interior projects. In fact, it can be used for paving stones and facade cladding, ventilated facades and swimming pools. It consists of a special blend of natural minerals, selected for their high quality, compacted and bonded in a process that does not require the use of resins and chemical binders and is called the sintering process. The obtained surface is characterized by extreme resistance to scratches, high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays, as well as high resistance to stains, water absorption coefficient close to zero and high mechanical strength.

Presented in 5 high-performance brands: < / br>
L'ALTRA PIETRA: Total durability and timeless reliability. L'ALTRA PIETRA is the most complete and exclusive brand of thick sintered stone, high quality porcelain stoneware, a brand in a real full or colored casing, suitable for any type of outdoor solution.

- HARDSCAPE PORCELAIN: this versatile and accessible brand of sintered stone, high quality porcelain stoneware with contemporary design, for outdoor use in wood.

- STONE GRES: is a high-quality sintered stoneware brand dedicated to gardening and DIY.
- SUPER HARD CERAMIC 3 CM: is an extremely durable exterior floor covering, designed to last over time. They can also be driven dry on gravel or sand. Ideal for laying on floating paving systems with a minimum number of pedestals, in both public and private spaces, providing greater safety compared to thinner paving. High-quality 3 cm (1.2 ") porcelain stoneware is a combination of functional and aesthetic needs.

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