Inspired by La Seggiola

LA SEGGIOLA is a company from northern Italy specializing in providing high-quality furniture accessories: tables, chairs, stools and armchairs for both private and contract use. Born in the early sixties near Milan, in the heart of Brianza, known to all as the home of furniture. In the early 1990s, the company was taken over by the Passador family, which gave up the function of a simple warehouse and developed its full potential. The new manager, Passador Vittorio, supports his passion for equipment through continuous research and development: thanks to the collaboration and skill of the craftsmen from Brianza and Veneto, he creates his own product line. A mixture of design, functionality and quality that is reflected in all the products of the chair.

Passion is the driving force of this family, Vittorio is an experienced driver who plays a key role in the development and success of the company. Significant in these years is his work in supplier management, cataloging, managing and improving the distribution network through agents and retailers.

Thanks to his intuition and experience, Vittorio develops a complete and advanced catalog for furniture dealers and distribution through the network specialized agents.

LA SEGGIOLA: history and evolution The company grows and in 2003 creates a new headquarters in Lissone, still in operation: the brand is distributed throughout Italy and the products are valued for excellent value for money . In 2012, a new unit was established to expand the range of ready-to-deliver products and quickly meet customer needs.

Foreign sales grow exponentially, the company selects native linguists and furniture experts, exhibits its products at the Fair Furniture in Paris and Dubai and is distributed in many other countries. In 2017, a new structure, Unit 3, dedicated to export management was inaugurated.

The company has been growing steadily since 1992. It never ceases to develop and surprise.

La Seggiola develops the Contract Catalog Based on thirty years of experience, La Seggiola is developing a new Contract Catalog in 2019 dedicated to furnishing hotels, bars and restaurants.
The mission for the future is to develop the Ho.Re.Ca sector in Italy and abroad by producing certified and approved products for contract use, available in personalized fabrics and finishes. Vittorio's passion for the furniture industry was passed on by his son Erik, the current director of the company, a young and enterprising businessman who, as a child, grew up in contact with craftsmen from Brianza, experts in wood, metal and upholstered furniture. A history of craftsmanship that is constantly evolving in a perfect balance between tradition and new trends.

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