Inspired by Lualdi

Lualdi is a historic Italian brand that produces high-quality and custom interior doors, also thanks to cooperation with great architects internationally. Lualdi has a long history. In 1859, Carlo Lualdi opened a carpentry shop in Marcallo, which produced custom-made furniture. After 100 years of craftsmanship, after World War II, the company established cooperation with great architects of that time, such as Vico Magistretti, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Ignazio Gardella, Roberto Menghi, Marco Zanuso and Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Thanks to its special relationship with the latter, the company reached a turning point in the 1960s, becoming an industrial reality. The company became international in the 1990s when Lualdi came to the United Kingdom and the United States, which paved the way for collaboration with the great names of modern world architecture. Every step the company takes and each new achievement stems from an ambitious project based on solid values, related in particular to product quality and work processes, along with strong social responsibility that leads Lualdi to take an active role in environmental protection for employment from Lualdi Interior Doors Nowadays, working with world-renowned architects and designers is a clear strength of Lualdi. In fact, the company has managed to develop specific door models that meet the needs of designers, and then turn them into future-proof solutions for the market. Each new project is a stop on a continuous journey of research, experimentation, technological and formal innovation. Relationships with Milan architect and urban planner Luigi Caccia Dominioni, a prominent designer of the Milan bourgeoisie of the 1950s and 1960s, led Lualdi to an industrial scale and to the creation of models that became brand icons. LCD (1962) is an example, the first successful fruit of this happy relationship. These are doors with a co-planar wooden jamb, characterized by a reversible opening system, a hidden hinge and a telescopic panel that allows this model to be adapted to any wall thickness. After 50 years, the design can still be seen in the Lualdi catalog, a version that has evolved both technically and aesthetically. In fact, the proportions have been changed and the finishes introduced are in line with today's needs.

Recently, it is worth mentioning the cooperation with the French architect Erik Morvan, who designed the Outline, a door that is also an architectural element thanks to the ability to define space with clean volume

it is with Robert AM Stern, who designed the Avenue door, inspired by New York City apartments from the 1930s.

is with Marco Pica, who managed to create an Edge by creating a two-dimensional doors with a three-dimensional effect. The unforgettable L16 door by Piero Lissoni, awarded with the Compasso d'Oro in 2014. The basic lines and attention to detail give the door a strong identity, a quality that has made it recognizable and known all over the world. Rasomuro is a wooden hinged door that fits perfectly to the wall thanks to a 55mm-thick fully hidden hinge system and an invisible aluminum frame. The Rasovetro variant retains all the features of Rasomuro, giving the glass an optical lightness, transparency and airy look to the space in which it is installed, thanks to the material of the System. Large, fixed or sliding glass panels act as a partition, while allowing light to pass through. glass, wood and aluminum in order to obtain a scenographic effect with an oriental flavor. The name is actually inspired by Japanese Zen philosophy. Vertical trapezoidal wooden slats create an elegant division of the glass surface.

Shoin is a partition wall system with sliding or hinged glass doors that allows you to divide the space and create a cozy, light-filled atmosphere.

Lualdi also offers boiserie systems, also in full-length versions, to create continuous wooden surfaces in styles ranging from classic to modern. After all, the details make the difference. Details of Lualdi include the possibility of choosing magnetic locks, attention to the performance of sound-absorbing hinges and an assortment of recessed handles with a basic and elegant design.

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