Inspired by Lyxo Design

People determine success and numbers to prove it: LYXO is part of Veca, the international brand "Made in Italy" that has been transforming plastic into functional design for almost 30 years; 6 production plants with a total area of 25,000 m2, 40 innovative production machines for both injection and rotomoulding; exclusive use of 100% non-toxic and recyclable materials; 25 million units and 10,000 completed orders annually. Numbers that count and tell who we are.
LYXO is made by evolved craftsmen: rotomoulding is a technology that enables plastic molds to rotate on two axes at the right time and in a uniform and precise manner. But only human intervention defines the finished product, thanks to the precise control of shapes and details that must be perfect. Only then does a beautiful product become a Lyxo product.
In addition to fittings, an example of style. Besides the working method, the performance model. In addition to the completed project, a satisfied customer. Choose shapes, colors and versatile dimensions to decorate and beautify your business space, interior and exterior with plastic beauty.

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