Inspired by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Mambo Unlimited Ideas is based in Lisbon, Portugal, a country with a long craft tradition. The growing dynamism of the city of Lisbon reflects the growing creativity and energy that make Lisbon a new cultural and business cluster. It is here that we have gathered the energy of talented people to develop our corporate products.


Our design team is dedicated to research, from colors for use to more efficient packaging to make images and materials attract our attention. Diverse individuality and personal interests play an important role as each team member contributes with a unique perspective on the world. This mosaic of different views on the world enriches the creative process of Mambo.


We like the charm of unique elements made with traditional techniques. Our collection was born from traditional craftsmanship perfected by Portuguese artisans: working with painted metals, solid wood, marble and precious metals such as brass and copper, and glass processing, both with rich Portuguese traditions. All our products are carefully crafted one by one, in a sustainable production between state-of-the-art processes and handmade details.


Building on our artisanal heritage, keeping abreast of innovation and With creative achievements around the world, Mambo develops contemporary works using traditional Portuguese materials and techniques. This aspect is an integral part of our creative process and results in high quality products: we combine what we do best - extraordinary creativity and skilled craftsmanship enable designers to create endless custom solutions for each of their projects. The Mambo Unlimited Ideas design team works closely with each client to develop specific project proposals, expanding options around the world.

The Mambo Unlimited Ideas contract guides projects from design creation to shipping the final product to the project site throughout production process, providing technical support at every stage.


Our main goal in the design and production of our lighting elements: We ensure to offer creative and high-quality products. This has been crucial to our growing recognition.

Our production is located in Portugal and in its historic traditional production techniques, where we have skilled craftsmen who carefully bring to life every piece we make. We carefully control each stage of production, working closely between our design and production teams. For each product we develop, the materials are carefully selected and the quality is strictly controlled to ensure the best workmanship, strength and durability. All electrical components comply with the best European practices and are selected from a wide range across Europe.

We like to offer effective, practical and high-quality effects, which is why our lamps are designed with easy installation in mind. We believe that every detail contributes to the quality of our products.

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