Inspired by Modbar

Modbar is the original manufacturer of undercounter brewers, creating beautiful machines that open up a bar and increase hospitality.

At the core of our DNA - our brand promise - is to be at the heart of a beautiful coffee shop.
< / br> To keep this promise:

- Provide innovative design solutions for workflow and efficiency

- Help customers realize their cafe design vision

- Help customers design a coffee shop

- We produce machines that run consistently and reliably

- Offer exceptional customer service and a reliability guarantee

Modbar customers

Our customers - cafe designers, entrepreneurs, architects and hospitality industry professionals - are looking for a premium product at Modbar that will help them create an iconic place for their customers.

Coffee consumers now expect liquid , Customer-Centered Coffee Experiences That Don't You they require effort and ensure high quality. At the same time, designers and architects are pushing the boundaries of what a cafe, a Modbar espresso coffee machine can be, as if by magic.

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