Inspired by Modos

Modos is a tool-free furniture system that makes any furniture from connectors and boards. We believe that furniture should be an investment. If you move, get married, give birth to a child or inherit your uncle's record collection, our reconfigurable and durable furniture can change with you, saving you time and money.

The history of Modos

Modos was founded by two guys in Brooklyn who were frustrated with most of the furniture on the market. Much of the ready-to-assemble furniture looks easy to assemble, but it's actually a challenge. When moving to a new home, furniture is often thrown away and replaced because it doesn't stand up to the move or doesn't fit into the new space. You thought there was a better option. They invented Modos, an easy-to-use piece of furniture that can be folded without tools and reshaped every time you move. Modos is a high-quality and sustainable product at a reasonable price that will accompany you throughout your life.

Quality and environmental sensitivity

The wooden panels are made of 13 kiln dried layers, sustainably harvested birch, which is then laminated with maple or walnut veneers, making them incredibly strong, stable and beautiful. The layers are joined with soybean glue (no scary formaldehyde-based glue) so you can buy the highest quality forest and family friendly lumber. The connectors are extruded from aluminum with an impressive tolerance (+ -0.014 "). They are strong and lightweight.

If you haven't guessed it, the vast majority of all our materials are from or contain recycled materials. environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced and can be recycled or composted

Modos: Made in the USA, Designed in Brooklyn

We are proud to say that Modos is Made in the USA Our fasteners are manufactured in Southeast The Wood from North Carolina to our offices in Brooklyn Navy Yards in Brooklyn, NY Modos is a member of the New Lab, an interdisciplinary space dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship.

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