Inspired by Monitillo Marmi

Monitillo Marmi was founded in 1980 in Altamura, Italy, from Francesco Monitillo's experience and his passion for working with marble, granite and stone in general.

For over 30 years, the company has distinguished itself by the way of interpreting the specifics of each stone, increasing its aesthetic and functional values.

Monitillo Marmi is an Italian artisan company focused on research, innovation and attention to detail.

The company

Monitillo Marmi has a total area of ​​12,000 sq m. where you can find stones from all over the world.

Experienced staff provides innovative solutions to the challenges posed by each project. Their multidisciplinary experience and continuous training guarantee a proactive approach focused on design and production.

Our roots

Monitillo Marmi is located in the heart of Apulia, Italy, surrounded by the characteristic hills of Murgia. Altamura is located in the middle of a land with great traditions, contrasts and cultural wealth: an area inextricably linked for centuries with the processing of stone. Here, local 'artists' are famous for working with passion and expertise, enhancing the expression of the stone.
The buildings, streets and every architectural element testify to the relationship between stone and local artisans.

Values ​​& lt; br / & gt;
Monitillo Marmi: family business. Monitillo Marmi has represented professionalism and human dedication for two generations; Francesco Monitllo, the founder of the company, and his children have always shared a great passion for natural stone, a simple but precious material. This familiar relationship leaves a unique mark on each product. Each project is implemented in full transparency, partners receive thorough advice throughout the entire process, from design to production, with full respect for the environment.

Monitillo Marmi is family, quality and professionalism.

Techniques, machines

Over the years, thanks to the rapid growth of local and international demand, the company has introduced CNC machines (computer numerical control) for high precision work, which in addition to craftsmanship skills allowed for the transformation of design concepts into serial production.

The production cycle is organized on CNC cutting and polishing machines, a 5-axis CNC machine with manual finishing, quality control, assembly and packaging. Each product is obtained by manual skill and state-of-the-art techniques.


Monitillo Marmi offers a wide range of stones for cladding and products, the main types are onyx, limestone, marble and travertine.
Each material is selected with care to guarantee perfect results. Monitillo Marmi attaches great importance to every detail of the stone, emphasizing its grain and value in each project.


Commitment and professionalism distinguish each creation by Monitillo Marmi.

The tiles are selected with care to guarantee the exclusivity of everyone project, offering customers tailor-made solutions.
Monitillo Marmi is involved, among others, in projects for large construction sites and private residences in Italy and abroad, offering an approach based on attention to detail and customer needs. & lt; br / & gt;
Multidisciplinary knowledge and a consolidated network make Monitillo Marmi the right partner for projects that include different materials.
Monitillo Marmi produces interior and exterior flooring, inserts, urban design, stairs , bathtubs, illuminated partitions, designer furniture, fireplaces and boiseries.


Over the years, Monitillo Marmi has teamed up with engineering and design offices to develop solutions tailored to the needs of each project. In addition, Monitillo Marmi works with research centers to acquire know-how on materials and techniques.
In 2014, these partnerships led to the Pietre di Monitillo project, which in English means "Stones of Monitillo", which is a collection of designer items in stone. Many significant Italian and international designers were involved in the project and received a special award in the prestigious ADI Design Index
2015 for the Ovo product.

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