Inspired by Myyour

MYYOUR is a passion for design, research between line and technology to compete in an increasingly demanding and growing global market.

Living in color, in the form of plastic.

A dynamic team that efficiently responds to every customer need. A young company where the combination of technology and many years of experience in the plastics industry seems to be the true force of creative freedom and excellence in industrial production.

MYYOUR is a company with an established position, always ready to welcome new trends in the apartment inside and out.
The visual experience of MYYOUR products is extremely important.

This applies to lighting, furniture, home and contract sectors, and accessories such as carpets and cushions, which always help to create friendly atmosphere.

The trend in the use of plastics is realized thanks to new processing techniques that transform the surface into endless possibilities that can satisfy both the eye and the touch.

Expression aesthetics that make people happy, together with technical skills that guarantee the safety and quality of products, is the basis with which the entire MYYOUR team works on a daily basis.

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