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Our company was founded in 1950 by Giuseppe Floritelli. In the third generation of the family, Floritelli Cucine has developed into an industrial company whose roots in craftsmanship are its true and most valuable strength. Our Made in Italy products are of unquestionable quality and always meet the highest standards in terms of functionality, technology and materials used. To date, the company's annual production is 3,000 kitchens, and our catalog has been enriched with living solutions and specific furniture accessories.

Headquarters The headquarters of Floritelli Kitchens is located in Umbria, two kilometers from the city of Assisi. Its proximity to the SS75 makes the company extremely accessible and logistically efficient. Production takes place entirely in facilities covering an area of 12,000 square meters. The factory is able to reach production peaks of fifty kitchens a day.

Floritelli Cucine manages its products from start to finish. He carries out his own projects on his own through a dedicated project development office, carefully selected suppliers and close monitoring of the entire production process. The education of Floritella Cucine, deeply rooted in the traditions of craftsmanship, ensures in-depth knowledge of all aspects of furniture production, giving industrial production great flexibility, remarkable dynamics in responding to the constantly changing market and the possibility of offering full personalization of the offer. Thanks to this, we are able to meet the highest quality standards, both in terms of functionality and design. We also offer an exclusive customization service along with unique and affordable products. All structural elements of our furniture are manufactured in-house, which ensures a constant supply of goods to our joinery. It also allows us to offer a much wider range of models and specifications and to develop special items based on the customer's design. In addition, our manufacturing process and facilities allow us to establish a reliable schedule for both production and delivery, which is another valuable benefit that our customers can benefit from. Floritelli Cucine offers a wide range of solutions, from living rooms to open space projects, from furniture accessories to folding monoblock kitchens ... and much more.


Industrial identity of Floritelli Cucine is confirmed by in-depth research and a design phase prior to production. Our design office takes care of the selection of materials, technical solutions and production optimization. In addition, after a rigorous research phase, the office sets out our collection guidelines and also deals with innovative and experimental designs. Our production ranges from traditional to modern kitchens, and our design office can count on constant cooperation with highly qualified architects and interior designers. Our project development efforts go hand in hand with communication as we strive to offer an integrated image of our company and our products by coordinating catalogs, price lists and advertising.


Real strength Floritelli Cucine is its flexibility. Our craftsmanship expertise and industrial manufacturing techniques enable us to offer not only one-off design productions, but also customized products that are custom and completely unique. Special components, additional machining processes and exclusive designs are the key to our company's success. Our technical department cooperates with architects and designers during the technical development of each project, using 3D simulation systems and providing assistance in the preparation of cost estimates. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with full support by providing the best technical and service tools available. Thanks to the support of proven suppliers and direct management of semi-finished products, we can provide our customers with fixed delivery times, quickly find the materials they need, and manage the after-sales service more effectively. Floritelli Cucine also offers an assembly service on request.

10-year warranty Buying a new kitchen is a big step, not only because of the cost, but above all because it is the part of the house where we spend most of the day . For this reason, Floritelli is constantly working to improve the quality standards of its products and services to ensure durability and stability for years to come. Floritelli protects your kitchen and gives you peace of mind with a 10-year warranty.

Contracts Department

Floritelli Cucine invests more resources in the contract area to deliver turnkey kitchens and take care of everything from the design phase to on-site assembly. The extreme flexibility of the production processes makes Floritelli Cucine a competitive and qualified partner, able to meet any contract furniture needs, from small orders to very complex projects that require collaboration with design consultants and to work for large construction companies to deliver custom luxury products, especially for international emerging markets.

Internationalization In the last five years, Floritelli Cucine has opened up to international markets, strengthening its distribution network and developing commercial relationships with distributors and designers, as well as opening strategic stores retail. Strengthening our Contracts Department is a response to the needs of international buyers and the specificity of various markets. In addition, a network of services such as design development, production, shipment monitoring and, if required, on-site assembly is available. We participate in international fairs and events promoting Made in Italy products and have established direct relationships with promoters from many countries around the world. Floritelli Cucine can be found in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine), Africa (Guinea, Senegal and South Africa) and in China.

Partners Achieving results requires teamwork, therefore Floritelli cooperates only with leading companies in the household appliances and automation industry.

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