Inspired by Deadgood

Our collection of modern furniture, lighting and "products with personality" for interior is designed and manufactured in the UK and shipped worldwide for the freshest commercial projects in the world.

Made in the UK We are pride in offering a flexible service and as we manufacture our collections right here in the UK it is easy for us to modify them by changing the wood, colors, fabrics and finishes of the products if required. We cooperate with both technologically advanced producers and traditional craftsmen. The guys who make these wonderful products are as diverse as the characters who design them.

The Deadgood Family If you believe the hype, you know the designers we work with are at the forefront of the UK scene design and are responsible for creating our eclectic collection of products. We are also proud to build a unique internal team of intelligent, creative thinkers. We like to think of this whole network as the Deadgood family, without which our business would be nothing more than a brilliant idea on the back of the beer mat.

Deadgood Inspiration If you are looking for a Little Deadgood Inspiration, write to us, we are a friendly group of people and always willing to earn the ear. We can even arrange a guided tour of the DeadgoodxBreather Showroom in Clerkenwell, London - where you can see our product collection in person.

Are you looking for replica products of this manufacturer? Write which products you are interested in at: [email protected] and we will find the right solution for you!