Inspired by NetZero Fire

NetZero Fire puts all its energy into creating beautiful fireplaces and fire functions that support your green building goals. Powered by 120 years of fuel and fire innovation, their low-emission and zero-emission properties of biofuel and steam are thoughtful and clean alternatives to traditional fireplaces. Easy to install and extremely customizable, every NetZero Fire feature becomes an extension of your unique aesthetic while contributing little or no to your building's carbon footprint. Today, NetZero Fire's features offer a unique way to add dimension and luxury to your favorite spaces while meeting and surpassing global environmental standards. With the elemental beauty of an open flame with the flexibility, convenience and durability of modern fire technology, NetZero Fire is second to none.

NetZero Fire Difference NetZero Fire offers almost endless design combinations, allowing customers to create customizable appearances that can be installed virtually anywhere. NetZero Fire Biofuel allows you to create dazzling lighting effects by adding a suite of features with LED lighting. The waterplace is customizable by selecting beautiful realistic logs and a variety of glass and stone media. By providing unique and personalized ways to bring sustainable designs to their homes and buildings, the company helps users consider their environmental impact without compromising on style.

Made for your world Choose from a multitude of sizes, configurations and design options NetZero's fire elements are among the most versatile pure fire elements available. No ventilation is required, so the fire element can be placed almost anywhere in rooms of any size. Just connect the fireplace or water tank to the power source, add fuel or water depending on the model and enjoy the stunning flames. Patented BEV® technology stokes the fire with ethanol vapors to prevent flame contact with the ethanol. When the device is turned on, the fuel is automatically pumped into the expansion tank and enters the evaporation accelerator. In NetZero Fire biofireplaces you never have contact with fuel. The entire combustion process is controlled by a microprocessor and several safety sensors. This makes us one of the safest, cleanest and most user-friendly options available, and puts us years ahead of the competition.

The Waterplace - dazzling flames in glossy color With ready-to-install fireplaces and 30 bold colors controllable flames, NetZero Waterplace offers virtually unlimited possibilities to brighten your mood and enhance any environment. Using only water vapor, The Waterplace illuminates your space with "flames" so natural it would require a trained eye to distinguish. Thanks to the constant supply of fuel from the water supply, The Waterplace offers an always available atmosphere that can be installed virtually anywhere.

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