Inspired by Neu/Zeug

NEU / ZEUG is a design brand that produces hand-made porcelain lamps in a modern and timeless style. In the small, traditional village of Neuzeug, on the Steyr River in Upper Austria, innovative objects with a clear and expressive style are created. Each series of lamps reflects the balance between production, made with the classic technique, and the delicacy of design. NEU / ZEUG makes each room shine with a new light. For this motivation, the brand was awarded the Blickfang Design Prize in Vienna in 2018.

NEU / ZEUG porcelain lamps Porcelain is a natural material that fascinates with its purity and brilliance. Its delicate surfaces and bright colors are synonymous with lasting quality. All lamps are produced in numbered series, they have a soul and tell stories. NEU / ZEUG products are rational and high-quality solutions for craftsmanship, regional production, durable and long-lasting. Each lamp is a small piece of NEU / ZEUG.

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