Inspired by Maletti

Since 1936, Maletti has been synonymous with design, innovation, technology and, above all, passion.

The passion that has made Maletti the undisputed world leader in hairdressing salon furniture, a jewel in the crown of Italian production around the world.

Passion for design

The desire to constantly improve hairdressing tools, both in terms of appearance and functionality, has prompted Maletti to work with internationally renowned designers for years. including Philippe Starck, Borek Sipek, Claudio Silvestrin, Ross Lovegrove, Christophe Pillet, Didier Gomez, Maurizio Macciocchi, Matta & Varaschin and others.

A choice that revolutionized the style and set all trends in salon equipment for the last 30 years.

Passion for technology

Research and technological innovations applied by Maletti to equip salons have profoundly changed the tools of work in hairdressing salons, making them more comfortable not only for operators , but also for customers, often turning simple salon services into real customer experiences. devices, rollers and devices for air massage, and more recently a chromotherapy hood, combined with the SHW system "specific hair tonic", which produces specific water for washing hair. A great innovation also at workplaces, including screens integrated with mirrors and the introduction of a technical table, a new piece of equipment in the industry.

Maletti today

The world's leading company in the sale of chairs and of hairdressing dressing tables, the broadest product portfolio in the industry, including creations from the greatest designers in the world, a branch at Rue Royale in Paris and a manufacturing company in San Paolo, a dense distribution network spanning the entire planet, 33,000 m2 of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the world's largest showroom dedicated to beauty design. This is Maletti today, 75 years later.

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