Inspired by Inarchi

Since the founding of Inarchi in 1996, János Héder and Judit Zoltai have nurtured the idea of creating a line of designer lighting elements that have a different set of aesthetic values than their "first-born" brand Manooi, a world-renowned premium manufacturer. class crystal chandeliers.
They wanted to create answers to all the questions that arose in their projects as architects - looking for functional but aesthetic solutions to lighting challenges.
They decided to establish a line of elements that speak a minimalist language, are bold, but they appeal to the basic instincts in all of us. With this in mind, they use materials that elicit an emotional response in the recipient.
LED is one of the heralds of the future - a technology that has evolved tremendously over the past decade, applied to more and more areas in everyday situations, delivering a higher level of light. performance, in a new spectrum.
Our developers have worked fanatically to develop our custom LEDs that deliver superior performance while also featuring incredibly slim contours, enabling us to use them in tight spaces in often elegant, graceful designs, born in the minds of our designers.
In addition to our constant pursuit of innovation, we respect and believe in traditional forms, shapes and materials - providing both intellectual charm and emotional content.
Using tailor-made materials, we find more and more new sources that feed our imagination in the process of creation. We pride ourselves on the amount of care and attention we put into these elements when designing technical solutions and discovering new applications.

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