Inspired by Orvi

Orvi is a brand known for creating innovative surfaces and home accessories, with a delicate blend of craftsmanship and technology, and Western aesthetics with craft techniques from Asia and beyond. . Working with over 60 in-house craftsmen, Orvi uses a variety of traditional craftsmanship techniques from around the world including stone carving, hand carving, intricate metal inlays, stone in stone inlays, raku firing, etc., to create custom and timeless finishes using exquisite materials such as natural stone, wood, metal, liquid metal, ceramics and glass.

Technology & Craftsmanship Designer Tiles As a brand, the Orvi team is constantly working to create innovative and exceptionally beautiful finishes for all parts of the building towards the envelope

for indoor and outdoor use. Custom services and designs are an integral part of our overall approach. In the production of our innovative finishes, decorative wall tiles, we use a variety of the latest technologies and precision machinery, from CNC plotters and laser cutting devices to waterjet and sandblasting systems. All our finishes require more or less manual work or hand finishing. To this end, we employ craftsmen who have been working in the relevant fields for generations, as well as talented newcomers trained by Orvi.

Quality and production experience have taught us that every client is unique, every designer has his own ideas, and each project brings with it challenges and opportunities. Discovering these opportunities is an exciting and fruitful process for everyone involved, and being able to work closely and creatively with external designers and architects, whether we adapt existing product lines or develop completely new models, is fundamental to the way we work. Our research and development process is continuous and comprehensive. This not only guarantees a constant flow of new ideas, but also ensures that no new product is brought to the market until we are fully satisfied that it meets our strict sustainability and quality criteria. In addition, each PCB produced by us is carefully checked before it is carefully packed and shipped to the customer.

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