Inspired by Origins 1971

Originally an Italian passion. Origins 1971 is a new project with deep roots. It is the result of the experience and development of Palma, a large Italian chair manufacturer that has transformed from a small craft workshop into a large modern company without losing its original passion. It is created from an ecological process that starts with the selection of wood in certified forests, up to the finished product, through all stages of production, from semi-finished product to finishing.

A design and production process that employs over 200 people and provides total quality control as well as total versatility, using the latest technology. It expresses the aesthetic and emotional values of wood, a warm and living material, in a refined and direct language that embraces many cultures and traditions, while remaining universal. An idea developed with enthusiasm, creativity and the ability to create a world of possible interiors.

Officially founded in 2014, the Italian Chair District for International Markets is a corporate network of Cizeta Group, Palma, Piaval and Riccardo Rivoli . They have entered international markets with the primary aim of reaching their customers as a group of companies that can work with the widest range of styles and products. Quality is guaranteed by their design and production processes, entirely in Made in Italy style.

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