Inspired by Palazzetti

Palazzetti is a leader in the fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves industry in Italy and one of the most important companies in Europe. The Palazzetti company was founded in Porcia (in the province of Pordenone, in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia) in 1954, specializing in the production of cement interiors and - a few years later - in the industrial processing of marble for the production of carpets and floors, but in late 1973 began production of the first prefabricated refractory furnace. At the same time, the marble processing department began to prepare the first marble and stone fireplace enclosures. The company's market, both in Italy and abroad, is growing rapidly, and its products are designed and tested from the outset to meet the strictest European standards, a type intended to be introduced into various markets: prefabricated cement grills, fireplaces, the whole heating the house with water (Termopalex) or air (ventilpalex), afterburning to reduce harmful emissions, Ecofire® pellet stoves, then hybrid wood pellet stoves (Multifire) and integrated flue gas cleaning systems (O2Ring), closed stoves and the first application for controlling the furnaces from the outside. A long, very dynamic path in which the company has invested energy and willpower, as well as a particular momentum that expresses the ability to create, innovate and implement a vision that gradually turns into new projects.

MISSION End-user needs - who make increasingly careful and informed choices - are always at the center of the company's constant research that invests energy and resources in creating simple products that are fun to use, guarantee extremely high performance with minimal environmental impact and keep energy consumption under control High efficiency.

PRODUCTS Palazzetti products are real heating systems, easy to install and use, capable of efficient and very comfortable heating of entire houses. Intensive cooperation with internationally renowned designers and the meticulous work of the in-house design department have created a wide range of products that meet the most diverse requirements in the field of home design and offer a solution for every architectural and technical requirement. This approach has earned the company many international awards including: Red Dot Award, Design Plus Award, ADI Design and Good Design Award.

To provide an even more satisfying user experience, the company developed in 2014 the first application to control your products from the outside using a smartphone. This evolution has transformed a very traditional product into an extremely innovative product that meets the expectations of today's customers in a completely different and innovative way, such as AIEL, HKI, BIOENERGY CEFACD and PROPELLETS FRANCE. Marco Palazzetti has been the institutional representative of the company for almost 10 years. In particular, last year he became the chairman of the AEBIOM Working Group on Home Appliances and the CEFACD Group on Biomass, two of the most important European associations in the sector.

COMPANY IN NUMBERS With an average annual turnover of € 65 million, Palazzetti is a leading Italian company in the sector of heating houses with wood and wood by-products. 67% of the company's turnover comes from exports. The overseas sales are spread throughout Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean, China and Japan.

The company's distribution network includes 3,000 dealers (including 1,000 in Italy), some of which sell only Palazzetti products.
The company currently has 2 production plants located in the province of Pordenone, covers a total area of 120,000 m² and employs approximately 260 people.

Palazzetti strongly believes that technological research is a strategic incentive to achieve its goals therefore it invests 5% of its total turnover in technological research every year.

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