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Palladio has been developing steel solutions for architecture and buildings for over 25 years. From an extensive catalog of profiles to the development of innovative systems for the production of window and door joinery, facades and roofs, industrial doors and door and window opening systems. Palladio products are designed to enhance and optimize the unique properties of steel: strength, durability, virtually maintenance-free, attractive finish. The closed expansion profile construction system provides complete sealing against any kind of infiltration and prevents each frame from expanding or collapsing. For the production of Palladio products, we use only the best alloy steels and stainless steels, and complete the proposed solutions with detailed instructions to provide also the appropriate accessories. Palladio products are designed and developed entirely in Italy, with technical skills and craftsmanship for absolute perfection. Safe, innovative and fully customizable, Palladio products are the steel solution for any architectural, technical or design need. Palladio specializes in the sector of luxury private villas, apartment buildings with large and impressive windows with particularly slender profiles, as well as custom interventions in the most prestigious Italian and international renovation projects.

Safety and quality of Palladio window profiles < / br>
Safety is a fundamental feature of Palladio® products and frames. Stringent laboratory testing against Kalashnikov burglaries, floods, explosions and fires, as well as daily testing of frames at risk of burglary and natural events such as storms, floods and fires, confirm that Palladio® steel systems are exceptional in quality, performance and durability. Palladio® tubular profiles, made of thick steel sheet welded along their entire length, enable the construction of armored frames that meet the burglary resistance class 5. The FireFight® fire door and window system, approved by Palladio®, has a fire resistance of EI 30 and EI 60 and allows for covering openings up to 3.60 m high and 2.90 m wide.

Thermic5® thermally separated frames

Energy saving is an important value for Palladio. The result was THERMIC5®, an innovative thermally insulated frame system based on articulated internal geometry and consisting of up to 5 chambers with fiberglass insulation sandwiched between them. Plastic-free material with very high mechanical strength, guarantees effective interruption of heat flow and excellent soundproofing properties. The dimensioned section can accommodate very thick panes of armored or multi-chamber glass. THERMIC5® performs excellently even with large openings and with a minimally visible frame.

Insulating performance of the TABS® system

To offer an even more environmentally friendly alternative, able to guarantee the same insulation performance without any additional materials, Palladio patented the TABS® system. An original and innovative thermal barrier, which bases its effectiveness on the natural force of the air circulating inside the profiles, using the force of convection. This unique technology guarantees excellent insulation against air and water while maintaining frame strength.

design and processing

To meet all your design needs, Palladio offers many finishes - from painting in any color RAL to satin stainless steel PT® 304 and 316, by peening to corten steel and coatings of gold, wood, bronze or other materials. The design and slenderness of profiles, such as the Opificium® series, façade systems, the universal MonotypeTM profile, optimize the physical and mechanical properties of this unique material, paying special attention also to the aesthetic finish.

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