Inspired by Bruno Parquet

The first company BRUNO GB was established in 1929 and dealt in saws and wood. In the following years, this activity was integrated with the production and sale of wooden floors. 90 years of activity and 4 generations involved have made BRUNO PARKETT a highly qualified and professional company, characterized by a wide range of products, care for its customers and respect for the environment and social impact. Professional knowledge of wood, high-quality raw materials, a sustainable supply chain and a proven production process make Bruno Parquet a made in Italy excellence. All Bruno products are CE marked and meet the standards required by the latest European regulations. Laboratory tests are regularly carried out on sample products to confirm their high quality. In addition, Bruno Parquet developed the LEGNOARIA + project: a natural oil finish with 100% solids content and very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions, complying with the most stringent European regulations for emissions to the environment and rooms. An eco-friendly treatment that enhances the soft and natural appearance of the wood grain while providing excellent resistance to high pedaling cadence. Choosing a BRUNO wooden floor means choosing a guaranteed product, which is the result of many years of tradition, in which the most important natural raw material, which is wood, was used in the best way. In addition to its elegance and aesthetic values, a wooden floor has various functional properties. For example, wood is an excellent natural sound and heat insulator, which has a positive effect on human health and psychophysical well-being. Bruno is a passion for wood, a family history of dynamic traditions that satisfy the desires of those who want to live a healthy life in their home with ecological, natural materials.

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