Inspired by Record Bagattini

Record is a trademark of RB Bagattini, which covers a wide range of exterior flooring, retaining walls, architectural and technical walls and offers innovative solutions for the design and renovation of urban, residential, commercial and industrial areas.
Leading manufacturer masonry for several years as the first in Italy to produce pavers for concrete, for more than 40 years our brands have represented creativity, quality and innovation in architecture.
From the first concrete paver in Italy, research aimed at offering new solutions for designers, companies and the homeowners never stopped. Several innovations have been proposed: two-ply pavers, shot blasting surface, antique bush hammered finish, Renova (the first smog absorbing paver), the first 100% permeable paver.
The company is certified Management System; the products are certified according to the UNI EN 1338 and UNI EN 1339 standards.
Always sensitive to environmental sustainability, Record has developed a series of products that first obtained the ICMQ EcoGold eco-sustainability certificate in Italy.
RB Bagattini ensures its experience and support at every stage of the project, from product development to construction.

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