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Rexa Design explores every aspect of the bathroom to create fully personalized spaces with modular bathroom furniture and a wide range of accessories. The result is an elegant, minimalist, functional and comfortable room that stays ahead of trends and adds a new touch to your home space. Rexa Design's photovoltaic system covers the entire 1,300 square meters of the factory, underlining the brand's commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable world. In this sense, Rexa will never miss an opportunity to reaffirm her bond with nature, from which she draws inspiration for creations that combine craftsmanship with innovation. The company's photovoltaic system covers all energy requirements for lighting, production and air conditioning systems. The factory is divided into different areas: production, warehouse, administration, shipping, prototyping and product testing, and finally a showroom.

Rexa Design: modular and customizable bathroom furniture A bathroom is an often underrated room. Others, such as the living room or kitchen, usually have a higher priority. Rexa believes that the bathroom should never be neglected, but rather enriched with fittings and accessories that can be selected in continuity with the rest of the house or in contrast, but always with style and elegance.
Rexa Design collections are flexible. and versatile. The numerous models of the brand can be completely adapted to the needs of the user in terms of shape and dimensions. Special applications can only be designed to create a 100% custom bathroom, completely Made in Italy. Rexa Design bathroom furniture is complemented by washbasins, bathtubs, showers and accessories, which can also be modular depending on the needs and space. A range of sophisticated accessories round off the choices, ranging from lighting to faucets and fixtures, laundry hangers and mirrors - always in the style of Rexa Design. Rexa Design also offers wall and floor products such as Fiber Wallpaper to elegantly complement your bathroom without sacrificing waterproofing.
Among the new releases for 2020, P'TIT is a beautiful Korakril ™ washbasin, perfect for small spaces or powder rooms , designed by Monika Graffei. O_O, in marble or Corian, is a floor-mounted freestanding washbasin whose round washbasin rests on a cylindrical base with a significant overhang for ease of use. Moon and Stone are collections of bathroom accessories from the Corian collection with elegant and minimalist designs, available in various colors.

Innovative design and materials for the bathroom by Rex DesignRexa Design has always focused on new materials. Corian® and Korakril ™ are the materials of choice for sanitary ware, bathtubs and showers, not forgetting more traditional materials such as ceramics. Rexa Design works with professionalism and passion. The company offers custom-made accessories whose proportions, compositions and forms - based on deep study and exuberant creativity - work together to create completely unique spaces. The products are carefully analyzed down to the smallest detail to create a unique and sophisticated design. The craftsmanship of Rexa Design is also an emotional dimension, experience and high professionalism. Each product is created and designed ad hoc to produce results that fully reflect the company's quality standards.
Rexa Design is also a meeting place where designers and bathroom professionals can exchange ideas, find creative concepts and discuss the latest developments in the industry, contributing to their personal development and teamwork skills.
Rexa Design for sale online at Available bathroom accessories with a linear and sophisticated design: find in the online store Rexa Design accessories, towel rails, shelves, stools, bathroom lighting and other accessories for sale online.

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