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Roofingreen is a company specializing in the production of modular insulation and coating systems for outdoor ventilated surfaces. Established on the initiative of a group of experts from Piedmont dealing with design, architecture and construction, it implements an ambitious project aimed at combining beauty with energy efficiency. The main activity of Roofinggreen is the search for original solutions and new materials for the implementation of sustainable construction works, characterized in particular by the creative use of artificial grass. A truly innovative element of Roofinggreen's activity is a modular green floor, designed with outdoor environments in mind, allowing any type of ventilated surface to be covered. The technical principles of the Turin brand are based on the idea of designing environmentally friendly roofing, adapted to the various building needs and equipment. Roofingreen's production covers all areas of the facade sector in terms of energy savings: green roofs, insulating artificial grass for flat and vertical green walls and any other type of ventilated green roof surface, hanging gardens and the latest vertical green maintenance technologies to improve energy efficiency. Soundproofing, insulating and drainage elements are intended for use in various sectors, from sustainable rehabilitation to renovation, but also in new buildings, small architecture and temporary installations. Garden coverings, air-entrained artificial grass walls, floors and cladding are extremely versatile, allowing design freedom. Easy to place in any environment and easy to dispose of, green modules are a patented, innovative and flexible product that introduces a new way of thinking in terms of exterior cladding and the space concept itself. Respect for the environment, generated through energy saving and the use of recyclable materials, is a value that enlivens each Roofingreen project. The modular technology used in the production of products such as Roofingreen Step and Roofingreen Nature Drain offers designers versatility to use in any context. Roofinggreen roofs also provide excellent sound absorption, in line with the company's philosophy of creating spaces designed with life and comfort in production in mind. Avoiding wastage of water and the use of machinery and raw materials with respect for the environment is the starting point, next to the high technical parameters of products insulating external surfaces. In fact, the very high insulation of the floor allows you to drastically reduce the consumption of heating and air conditioning, which translates into both respect for the environment and lower air conditioning costs. Roofingreen targets different market segments: in the residential sector, it develops creative and efficient solutions for single-family houses and apartment complexes such as buildings and condominiums, as well as renovation of roofs and terraces. In industrial construction, the company intervenes in insulation and energy-saving measures, while in the contract sector it mainly targets the hotel and catering sector, without neglecting public facilities. Roofingreen has also expanded its offering to include temporary installations such as: B. venues for trade fairs and other events, and offers interventions to improve the aesthetics and impact on the landscape of warehouses and other manufacturing facilities. All Roofingreen installations are also characterized by the possibility of modifying the original design, even after its completion, thanks to the modular technology used. Outdoor artificial turf surfaces are the core business of the company and offer a range of solutions to suit all needs: modular drainage floors, raised modules for surfaces of any size and artificial grass are designed to combine functional requirements with refined aesthetics, modern style and adaptability suitable for any environment. The artificial grass on the roofs is easy to install, maintenance-free and does not use water for irrigation. The Nature synthetic grass module has a support base that is adjustable in height from 40 to 200 mm, ideal for creating a cavity suitable for thermal insulation. Nature Led modules integrate lighting with low energy LED spotlights, while the Step module features a central inclined surface in various geometric shapes and made of a mix of crushed stone and drainage resin, creating paths that can be walked on.

Roofingreen also develops a range of accessories from gardening to real vertical gardens for thermal insulation of external walls. The use of artificial grass and polyethylene aims to combine the design, functional and environmental requirements that define a brand identity. Store: Enter the square meters you want to cover and contact our staff if you need advice.

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