Inspired by Rosconi

rosconi, a design studio in stainless steel, not only produces products with elegant design and exceptional functionality, but also presented itself in a new corporate design with an elegant appearance and a thoughtful modular system embedded in the SCHNEEWEISS AG system since 2012.

As a specialist in stainless steel products, rosconi was initially distinguished by the development of cabinet solutions, and now has become an expert in the production of furniture and appliances for the public sector. The company develops equipment for parks, reception areas in front of buildings, foyer and lobby solutions, cloakrooms, litter bins, containers for plants, functional furniture, partition wall systems for fairs and interior design, facilities for financial institutions and accessories. Rosconi always takes into account the general architectural concept.

The combination of modern technology and high-quality workmanship results in products with excellent precision. Thanks to this philosophy, rosconi manages to create both serial reproductions and one-offs. In the main factory, a creative powerhouse with the character of a design studio, we focus on individuality, and thus on the perfect implementation of customer wishes.

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