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Rotaliana is an Italian company that has been creating indoor and outdoor lighting solutions since 1989. By implementing the idea of ​​design combining utility and aesthetics, which translates into innovative items, Rotaliana looks for new ways to express beauty in a functional way. The brand is deeply rooted in the culture of its region. Her collections are based on a duality which, on the one hand, aims to recreate natural and archetypal forms. On the other hand, it wants to create new ways of using light to ensure optimal environmental comfort. The brand continues the tradition inextricably linked with the values ​​of Made-in-Italy through the constant search for formal and aesthetic quality. At the same time, it is guided by multidisciplinary approaches and global suggestions, proposing new solutions that are not limited to capturing current trends, but creating new ones.

Rotaliana, indoor and outdoor lighting systems Rotaliana products are based on rational parameters with a vision of a design that strives for comfort and life in the management of light and shadows. The brand aesthetics builds on these assumptions to shape end-to-end solutions for residential, office and contract contexts. The Rotaliana catalog offers a comprehensive range of pendant, ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps as well as desk lamps for offices, such as the Luxy and String collections. These products result from the synthesis of the Italian ambition to deliver products of absolute technical quality and the desire to reinvent the ways of thinking about light in space. Rotaliana's style focuses on the canons of basic lines rather than sterile functionality, proposing new interpretations that anticipate the evolution of the sector and its needs.
Rotaliana also develops complete solutions for outdoor lighting - wall, table and pendant lamps in line with corporate values a brand that makes composure and originality, efficiency and quality the distinguishing features. The Trentino-based company offers solutions such as InOut wall luminaires that maximize space and light in the garden. The company also confirms its creative versatility with bold and unconventional items such as the lightweight and practical Dina + cordless table lamps that can be moved anywhere thanks to rechargeable batteries. Together with the silicone pendant lamps from the Lampion collection, these designs go beyond the traditional idea of ​​formal minimalism, leaving room for the designer's expression while respecting Italian discretion and dignity.

Rotaliana lamp design, between function and style, although aesthetics are fundamental importance to Rotaliana, the company develops its solutions through a meticulous system of research and design. Rotalian's products are the result of a synergistic collaboration of professionals with different skills and backgrounds. Designers, architects and creators work in close contact to achieve a combination of practical and aesthetic needs. The brand welcomes the visions of an international team of professionals from Italy, Japan, Sweden and Korea. Dialogue between different viewpoints allows Rotaliana to produce distinctive items with the focus on innovation and anticipating future developments in design and technology. This is how revolutionary products such as the Febo pendant lamp, the Ciminiere d'Italia floor lamp and the Chiardiluna table lamp were created. On the other hand, thanks to the Eden collection, the company combines functional and stylistic research on sound-absorbing floor lamps clearly inspired by naturalistic images, an integral part of Rotalian's philosophy.

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