Inspired by Linea Cali'

The difference between a door handle and a simple piece of brass appeared in 1986, when we launched our products that combine functionality and design, so we decided to create handles that we would choose for our own home, handles that withstand everything: wear and tear , blows, time, thanks to innovative fastening and securing techniques, such as zirconium protective coating - PVD.

At the same time, we wanted our handles to be attractive, as all accessories should be.
Our extensive experience and attention to workmanship have allowed us to create shapes in all styles and materials: from rococo to art deco, from leather to wood and from porcelain to Swarovski.

And finally because we wanted the best, we make every effort to ensure that each handle is designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy, in full compliance with the legal requirements of European standards.

And now choose The perfect mount for your home or office: you'll probably find it here.

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