Inspired by Rubinetterie Treemme

Rubinetterie Treemme was founded in 1968 in Asciano in the province of Siena and started as Rubinetterie Toscane 3M. The original name of the company uses the first letters of the surnames of the three founding partners (Renato Michelangoli, Armando Medina and Guido Mencarelli). From the beginning, the three managed to secure the company's position on the market, supervising the entire production of designer fittings and combining tradition with innovation. In 1980, thanks to cooperation with Design Calonaci & Gazzei, the company launched the colorful Arcobaleno collection. In 1989, the name was changed to Rubinetterie 3M and the company began to be internationally successful. Constant and continuous cooperation with world-famous designers has allowed the company to continue to strive for modernity , using high-quality materials and workmanship, reflecting the Made in Italy experience and tradition. To date, about 80% of the company's production takes place in Italy.

Treemme Rubinetterie. Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Accessories The design of 5mm brushed stainless steel bathroom faucets is derived from their technology. The 5mm thickness is constant for all flows from pipes to faucet and spout, creating an immaterial and ethereal aesthetic and functionality. For those who require a stronger and more solid look, 22mm stainless steel line uses the same principle as 5mm but is 22mm in diameter. The fixed dimension invented by Ocostudio gives the faucet design a unique aesthetic. Even more classic in form, but more technological in function, the 40mm line can decorate an important bathroom with an extraordinary note of elegance. The Arredobagno catalog presents a wide range of accessories for the entire bathroom, from soap dishes to towel holders and toilet paper, all in harmony with the proportions, sizes and shapes of the various lines. Rubinetterie Treemme also produces kitchen faucets. The Kitchen_D line has longer taps and a more functional and adjustable design for greater ease of use.

Classic and modern faucets. Made in ItalyThe company's products include those that perfectly combine all aspects of modernity, from technology to ecological sustainability. The Philo line, born of the need to reduce water consumption, proposes a technological solution that uses nozzles with lower power distributed over a larger area. Elegant Nanotech is extremely modern and innovative. The cascade spout with the front spout reduces its size to a minimum. Architect Marco Pisati designed and engineered the TimeOut line with a minimal circular shape and an essentially flat spout. This product is absolutely unique internationally thanks to its very distinctive leverage. The Archè line uses a very distinctive material, Etnite. It is a completely natural compound obtained from the volcanic lava of Etna, and thanks to its properties it is non-slip, porous, antibacterial and anti-shock with an unmistakable grip. The line is also available with Swaroski inserts for high impact.

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