Inspired by Biemme

Reliability and competence in the service of the construction industry and factories for over thirty years.

Dynamism and entrepreneurial intuition allowed the company, founded in 1983 by Piergiovanni Biagiotti, to create a group that today achieves remarkable and lasting results , both at home and abroad

these results make Biemme one of the first domestic companies in this field.

The company from which Mr. Piergiovanni Biagiotti, to this day CEO, has invested and continues to invest in testing new technologies and new materials to offer its customers more and more innovative products with absolute reliability, manufactured and sold in a modern structure belonging to the group.

Encouraged by the recognition so far, the company intends to with increasing commitment to meet customer requirements through the use of more and more specialized employees and highly qualified consultants.

Biemme began its history with production and sale of closed-cell expanded polyethylene under the trade name Polirex, a position so far unknown on the Italian market

thanks to Biemme, this product is now widely used and well known. The company then continued its research to come up with innovative proposals and started producing nonwovens called Fioccotex

in this case too, Biemme was a pioneer and pioneer and within a few years nonwoven (geotextile) became a material everyone used.

The product line that has allowed Biemme to make a big leap in quality is definitely fiberglass products manufactured and sold under the Glasstex trade name. Thanks to the high quality standards of its various products, many of which are certified by national and international test institutes, the Glasstex family has allowed Biemme to achieve great success both in Italy and abroad. This success continues today and is the company's crown jewel.

These goals have led Biemme to be one of the first companies in Italy in the construction sector to obtain ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system certification .

Biemme products, each with their own registered trademarks, are:

- POLIREX, closed-cell expanded polyethylene and chemically cross-linked polyethylene. FIOCCOTEX is a non-woven (geotextile) made of polyester or polypropylene woven by mechanical needling without adhesives and / or chemical and / thermal or binders. FIBROMIX, 100% pure polypropylene fibers without regenerated olefin-based materials. ARMATEX SYSTEM, for strengthening, strengthening walls and many other structures, especially in seismic areas.

Biemme srl Reliability and reliability over time:

- Dynamism and entrepreneurial intuition
- Continuous investment in research

- Present all over Europe.

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