Inspired by Salice

Salice started producing hardware in the 1950s and has quickly become a pioneering company capable of innovating intercom systems. In 1957, Lombard registered the world's first invisible self-closing hinge patent, officially establishing itself as a pioneer in the industry. Throughout its history, the brand has conducted continuous research and development, and today has around 600 patents for hinges and door opening systems. The technical skills and proven reliability of Salice are confirmed by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate obtained in 1993 and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate obtained in 1998. In particular, the latter certificate proves the company's special care for production processes carried out in accordance with environmental protection regulations. The Salice catalog offers a wide range of solutions in the furniture sector. Locking and opening systems for cabinets, hinges, drawer runners, pull-outs and shock absorbers are constantly evolving in line with the company's vision that combines tradition and progress.

Salice: hinges, guides, doors and drawers for furniture Furniture hinges are the basis the activities of the Italian brand. Tireless research and development has enabled the brand to create a series of highly reliable and efficient technologies that will stand the test of time. Salice hinges are equipped with a braking and adjustment system that can be adjusted as needed. The Silentia + technology ensures airtight closure of the door in all environmental conditions and on any surface.

Salice has proposed many innovations for all kinds of kitchen accessories such as bottles, knives and shelves, resulting in aesthetic and environmentally friendly products . Salice folding doors ensure optimal management of opening systems in any home or office. The Excessories line includes a range of shock absorbers and wardrobe accessories of all sizes, shapes and compositions, designed with everyday comfort and practicality in mind. A wide range of lift and slide systems, in addition to their significant cushioning function, maximize living space by eliminating pistons, cables or other disturbing equipment. The production includes a wide range of guides and drawers that are hidden or using clips for storage systems and pull-out shelves.

From the first patent for the invisible hinge to the present day: the history of SaliceSalice was established in Cantù in 1926. Its founder Arturo Salice decided to open a hardware store. In the late 1950s, the company changed direction. In the new factory, Arturo launched his own line of furniture fittings and in 1957 he registered the world's first patent for an invisible, self-closing hinge. The invention opened up new and significant market opportunities for the Salice brand and enabled it to quickly become a national and international industry leader. Meanwhile, Arturo's sons Giorgio and Luciano also joined the company, now known as Arturo Salice SpA. The company entered the international market and opened its first branches in Neckarwestheim (Germany) and Antibes (France) in 1971. ). In 1975, the official seat of Cantù was moved to Novedrate, also in the Como area. The factory covers an enormous green area of 240,000 square meters, while the factory covers 60,000 square meters. At the same time, the company has moved further towards internationalization and established new branches around the world. During the 1980s and 1990s, Salice opened new offices in the UK, Canada and the United States. Since 2015, the brand is also represented in Asia with branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Since 2000, Salice has expanded its commercial and production activities, taking over ADAR SpA (now Salice GUIDE SpA, specializing in the production of metal slides and drawers), and in 2010, BORTOLUZZI SISTEMI SpA, a manufacturer of sliding systems.

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