Inspired by Scaldaquore

Scaldaquore, a brand of Erremoda, is a Pordenone based company that produces radiant panels with infrared technology and a minimalist design. Flexible, versatile, efficient and equipped with a smart thermostat, they heat any environment evenly and with little consumption. The choice of the name Scaldaquore was intended to recreate the close relationship between man and the stove: in a market that has pushed heating systems to the boundaries of houses in recent years and tried to hide them as much as possible, Scaldaquore wants to immediately distance itself from this concept in order to emphasize the human side of the design instead and immediately present itself as a solution that can be harmoniously integrated into the home.

Scaldaquore environmental principles The Greek principle of Kalòs Kai Aghatosa, "beautiful and good" is the basis of the Scaldaquore philosophy, which thanks to the intelligent thermostat and the inherent properties of the panels radiators, built so as not to emit neither gas nor other toxic substances, do not pollute or emit, protect our planet. The packaging has been designed with particular care for the environment, thanks to graphics designed to use little ink and minimize the use of adhesives. The supply chain is optimized in every way to provide high-free packaging for the choice of couriers with a precise low-emission policy. A product with a green calling must be durable, therefore taking care of the quality of materials has always been one of the top priorities. Body and thermostat housing is shockproof est and the supports are designed to withstand loads well in excess of the weight of the panels. Caldaquore is also customizable to better integrate into any environment: you can make your panel unique by selecting a hand-painted artist version directly on the ceramics or by sending a high-quality image. Technology that not only benefits the environment but dramatically improves people's home and office experience. Scaldaquore heating uses less and works better: it does not heat the air, there is no combustion, it powers the house. A technological, elegant stove, mindful of the planet and ready to be the hero of the house.

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