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Stairs with Italian design and German quality work for customers all over the world: "We do what we love and we love to build extraordinary stairs." Siller has been a family business since 1958. the whole world. We accompany our clients from the first design idea to the finished and installed product. We offer a range of different services such as our design service and feasibility study.

We offer our clients different types of stairs, such as: Our glass stairs are very noble. In addition, you will find styles ranging from modern stairs to classic stairs, freestanding stairs and curved stairs. The materials we use are wood, glass, steel and concrete. We are constantly looking for new materials and mixtures to make our stairs soaring, lighter and more effective, to be a work of art and charm in their surroundings.

Our philosophy of stairs

Stairs connect rooms " daily "... of the house as well as in a representative villa or in a service building. The staircase as an important element of architecture and interior design reflects the lifestyle and individuality of its residents. Materials emphasize the lifestyle: wood, stone, steel or glass accentuate and change the room.

Stairs can not only be seen, but also felt , heard and felt. As soon as you take the first step, you can tell if you are walking comfortably. Are the stairs gently creaking under your feet? Is the handrail comfortable and warm? Only quality makes stairs a pleasant experience… for all the senses. This requires competent advice, precise planning and manual skills.

"Stairs are our life" ... since 1958 Siller has been offering individual solutions for handmade stairs. Now we are helped by the latest technology. We are characterized by a high standard of quality, reliability and punctuality. We pride ourselves on creating stair designs according to your specific requirements.

More about Siller stairs - a stair creator with attention to detail

Stairs are our life! For over 50 years we have been producing stairs, producing glass stairs, wooden stairs and using steel for the construction of floating stairs and various finishes such as brass, gold and silver. We are distinguished by attention to detail, individual design and attention to aesthetics. Each Siller staircase is unique and suits the customer's needs and tastes.

Here is a brief overview of our history: 1958 Founding of Siller in Meran, Italy: We dedicated ourselves to the carpentry business in the summer and building the stairs in the winter. Since 1990, we have devoted ourselves exclusively to the construction of stairs and we see the stairs as a representative piece of furniture that gives the building a real soul. We have been selling our stairs internationally since 2000, and sourcing customers all over the world is becoming more and more important in modern architecture. The staircase has long since escaped the niche of pure functionality and has become an expression of taste and orientation. With the "staircase" design element, you can follow different material themes such as "all glass" or "all concrete", and styles such as modern, classic, contemporary and oriental, as well as Arabic. You can create purist and elegant stair designs that are like magic to your sins, especially by choosing glass, concrete or precious wood. Knowing that stairs are as important to you as they are to us, we do our best to create stairs according to your ideas. Because - only the staircase gives the building its soul -.

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