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Scirocco H has been designing and manufacturing home heaters and towel warmers for over thirty years. The company was founded to respond more effectively to new lifestyles, interpreting a highly technological and demanding sector, introducing an original artisanal sensibility. It all started in 1989 in the province of Modena, where Maria Pia Bertona decided to venture into the world of decorative radiators to set up a company that became Scirocco H, one of the first towel warmers in Italy. Over the years, the brand has combined technology, aesthetics, engineering and design. In 1999, the company moved to Gattico in the province of Novara, the most important area for the production of taps and valves in Italy. In 2013, the founder's son, engineer Filippo Arbellia, and his partner Sabrina Mora took over the management of the company, giving it a new design footprint through constant and fruitful cooperation with renowned Italian designers. Scirocco H products are not only heating elements, but also authentic design items and equipment that combine function, technology and aesthetics. The company is characterized by research, diligence and craftsmanship to achieve aesthetic, technical and functional quality that allows each product to fit perfectly into any context of the heating market, with an emphasis on bathroom fittings and fittings. Over the years, the company has researched the designs, materials and technologies that brought Scirocco H heating systems to life. These functional and aesthetic collections transform the radiator into an element that combines performance with sophisticated design. Each collection has its own individual character: the Design Collection is refined. The Art Nouveau movement inspires the Style & Soul collection with the creations of artisans / artists whose mastery is the source of high-quality items. Scirocco radiators, which fit any context, focus on simplicity in design. Scirocco towel warmers - a further development of the classic bathroom heater - is the company's trademark. Living the Gold is an exclusive line of radiators and towels - made of a wide range of materials and with attention to detail - that meets the needs of the most demanding customers.

A revolution in decorative radiators, a combination of functional excellence and product design. The Snake towel warmer has the iconic, snakeskin silhouette. Winter is a brass towel rail unique for its impeccable aesthetics and sophisticated, seamless connections between posts and pipes. Brick is a colored stone that can be combined with other elements to create numerous configurations. New Dress is a heating element with a chameleon-like appearance. The Donut and Portable Donut BAG are perfect geometries inspired by the famous American cake. Tiffany deserves special attention.

This historic Scirocco H product is one of the most sought after on the market. A radiator made entirely of cast iron with large brass valves became a symbol of the Style & Soul product category in 2018. emotional spheres. Research and development are fundamental to the company's facilities and equipment, while the style and design department constantly researches new designs, different materials and innovative technologies. The company's goal is to maintain the technical, expressive and functional excellence that has always characterized the Scirocco H. The raw materials and color combinations make each radiator unique. Steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum and glass create a harmony of emotional forms with unique design.

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