Inspired by Secco Sistemi

Secco Sistemi is an Italian company that has been producing innovative designs in the field of windows and integrated facade systems for over 70 years. Each year, Treviso produces around 200,000 doors and windows, transforming more than 2 million linear meters of profile bars into products made of high-quality materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass. The Treviso-based company has an intensive research program to develop new solutions that combine an artisanal approach with industrial production. The brand works with numerous experts in the contemporary architectural scene to design systems that allow for freedom of creative expression while paying maximum attention to end-user comfort and reducing environmental impact.

Secco Sistemi's commitment to environmental sustainability manifests itself in the continuous improvement of its energy efficiency. The company controls every stage of the production process, from the first choice of materials, according to criteria such as naturalness, durability, recyclability and reusability. In this way, even the disposal phase at the end of the cycle is managed responsibly, respecting environmental requirements. Secco Sistemi processes comply with the ISO 9001 quality system. At the same time, the SECCOLAB department controls the brand's research and development area in cooperation with the German testing and certification institute IFT Rosenheim. IFT tests new products throughout the entire lifecycle and verifies and certifies all new products before they go to market. Thanks to the skilful use of stainless steel, brass and other high-quality materials, the Italian brand creates products with proven workmanship and attractive design, which also impress in terms of thermal insulation and heat dissipation. The Veneto brand offers a wide range of window models. The diversified and constantly updated catalog of the company includes lift and slide doors, windows with thermal insulation, wooden windows, exterior windows, French doors for modern or classic interiors, as well as windows for residential, office and contract applications.
The OS2 collection offers an optimal relationship between the transparency of the glass and the robustness of profiles that appear clear to the eye, reinforced with precious metals. The exquisite collection includes a huge portfolio of completed projects. It includes several models of versatile and functional windows and doors with thermal insulation, in which the technological innovation of the production process is based on artisanal attention to detail. The OS2 75 model was won by Compasso d'Oro in 2018.

ØG® is one of the newer products of Secco Sistemi

it is a slide-lift-slide window that works on principle of magnetic levitation. Thanks to the Ironlev® patent, the 1000 kg window can be easily opened without electric mechanisms. The profiles are aesthetically flush with the floor, creating a highly functional product with a minimalist design.

Secco Sistemi doors, windows and fittings The variety of Secco Sistemi doors and accessories is extraordinary. Constant innovation allows the brand to promote itself in various ways, in line with the corporate philosophy of optimizing energy consumption and improving design. Metal or metal-wood doors and windows provide maximum thermal and acoustic performance.

are available for various applications such as fire doors and tubular doors. The brand's handles - in stainless steel, corten steel and brass - represent the best quality options available on the market and embody the company's commitment to aesthetics and efficiency in Made in Italy production, which the company itself advocates and represents. The company's constantly updated facade systems are further examples of its commitment to innovation - an activity where the company allocates 10% of its annual turnover. Secco Sistemi surfaces are the perfect combination of appearance, reliability and performance, helping to maximize comfort in any space.

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