Inspired by Secto Design

Secto Design is a Finnish company specializing in designing lamps handcrafted from certified, top-quality northern birch wood. The demanding work is done by highly talented local artisans in the city of Heinola in central Finland. The entire lighting collection was designed by the award-winning Finnish architect, Mr. Seppo Koho, with whom the founder of Secto Design, Mrs. Tuula Jusélius, began working together in the 1990s. The first Secto Design lamp, the conical Secto 4200, appeared in 1999. Currently, the collection consists of 26 different models, which together create a clear and unique brand image.

The lampshades are made of laminated birch strips connected with aviation plywood rings. All Secto Design lamps use the latest LED technology and the use of LED bulbs is recommended for better brightness and lower energy consumption. Finnish quality and environmental friendliness are among the core values of Secto Design. The lamps are recognized all over the world for their quality, functionality, timelessness and suitability for various styles. The design of the lamps is both classic and contemporary, and their expressive but interesting architectural forms are appreciated by both private customers and professionals. The unique and classic design of Seppo Koho has also been appreciated by jurors of prestigious design competitions.

All original Secto Design lamps have been marked with a hologram label, a seal of authenticity, which guarantees that the lamp is produced in an ecological, ethical and socially sustainable in a modern and safe Finnish factory, compliant with labor law, tax regulations and EU standards. Secto Design products are shipped worldwide to over 70 different countries for both commercial and residential applications.

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