Inspired by Sentat

Sentat is a new way of thinking and accompanying public spaces for leisure, work and culture. We live in an ever-changing world where innovation and new inventions have become constant factors in our daily lives. Sentat was born to adapt to this change and to offer new, practical and simple solutions. But most of all in order to make the collective spaces more human and sociable, Sentat creates more dynamic, flexible social spaces with unique cushions and has consistently developed a collection of versatile seating designed for public spaces and collective groups. The aim is to bring people together and encourage interaction between them.

The Sentat casual seat cushions combine innovation, simplicity and design. Sentat adopts the simplest forms and concepts and applies the highest quality standards. What about avant-garde design, if it does not go hand in hand with optimal functionality.

Inspired by traditional cushions, the seating concept has evolved to create a comfortable, original, functional and very durable product that takes usability even further, making it an ideal companion in modern spaces.

Where? Sentat collections are intended for everyday use, they promote relaxation and culture, but also make working time more enjoyable. Therefore, Sentat cushions can be found in public spaces such as classrooms, libraries, parks, terraces, waiting rooms, airports, offices, conference rooms.

Spaces through which people flow and connect become reference points where interaction takes place and places people at the center of what is happening.

Sentats are bold, dynamic and happy places. Whether it's relaxing or in a more professional setting, its seat will be a source of interaction. More convivial places thanks to original shapes and components.

Nothing is more resistant! Fun, flexible and very powerful! The collection of seats has been designed to withstand even the most demanding applications.

Inside or outside, the Sentat cushion will withstand even the most intensive use and the toughest everyday activities.

Water resistant, extreme temperature and absolutely fireproof. In addition, they are completely resistant to UVA rays, which means that they retain their shape and color throughout their life.

Moreover, Sentat cushions are so easy to clean that they do not require maintenance.

Color and more colors Sentat seats are something more than a decorative addition, integrating with spaces and allowing any staircase, bench, wall or corner to be inhabited more closely. Available in twelve different colors and adapting to the most demanding spaces, it can also be fully customized.

We care about the environment Sentat cares about our planet and wants to continue working for an increasingly green world.

The brand has minimized the impact of its production processes and is fully committed to reducing pollution. In addition, the Sentat cushion is 100% recyclable and its components become part of new processes and models. In addition, Sentat has researched the most advanced durability model to extend the life of each item and ensure it will stand the test of time.

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