Inspired by Seóra

Seóra is a brand founded in 2011, specializing in luxury garden furniture. Inspired by nature, Seóra seamlessly blends the world inside and out, giving the design soft curves and a natural purity. The end result is garden furniture that stands the test of time and style, feeling just as comfortable as the interior: large dimensions, armrests at the correct height, pillows that stay in place and mattresses that are dry and soft enough to sink into them. .

Attention to detail Seóra All Seóra loungers, tables, sofas, couches, accessories and seating solutions by Seóra are handcrafted in Northern Italy using the finest African mahogany wood as well as Italian marble and Spain and stainless steel for fastening purposes. Best quality and durability.

Seóra artisans use traditional methods of furniture making combined with state-of-the-art mahogany frame shaping equipment and work hard to make their craftsmanship last for generations. Her meticulous attention to detail extends to every element as evidenced by the smoothed edges, natural looking curved lines and neatly placed pieces that enhance both elegance and comfort.

Functionality is also important to Seór and it is seamlessly woven into the fabric: discreet fasteners and cleverly integrated components promote the utility of the furniture without undermining the Caribbean, Mediterranean or beyond.

Working with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, including The Ritz-Carlton, Nammos , Blue Marlin Ibiza and Eden Rock, Seóra has sought to elevate the outdoor space into every nook and cranny of the furniture while creating a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that gives it a class of its own.

All this has allowed Seóra to win some international awards and nominations.

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