Inspired by Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari specializes in flexible composite technologies. The company manufactures products that meet the functional and aesthetic needs of sectors such as furniture, construction, industry and shipbuilding. In 1973, Serge Ferrari founded the company and invented Précontraint, an innovative, patented material that combines lightness, strength and durability with an exceptional weight-performance ratio. Since then, the company has continuously innovated and has become a technology leader in flexible composite membranes. Today, the Serge Ferrari industrial group offers products that contribute to the realization of beautiful, durable, light and sustainable solutions.

Serge Ferrari: sun protection, textile facades, cable constructions Serge Ferrari offers ideal solutions for a wide variety of applications. As a leader in the sun protection market, the company has also established itself in the areas of tension construction, facade cladding and acoustic insulation, offering high-quality products for use in modular systems, industry, environmental applications and visual communication. Serge Ferrari's areas of expertise also include the nautical sector and marine equipment. The Soltis collection offers a wide range of composite fabrics that can be used as sun protection indoors or outdoors. Depending on the requirements, perforated sheets provide protection against heat or weather conditions, provide privacy and visual protection. Soltis Touch is the first inner sunscreen fabric produced by Serge Ferrari. Its unique design provides thermal protection and privacy with an acoustic function for optimal comfort. The Soltis® B92 facade blinds, belonging to the same collection, prevent any detectable transmission of visible, infrared or UV light.

Thanks to its composite membranes, the Flexlight collection meets the durability and resistance criteria required by the construction industry and exposed modular structures. to unfavorable weather conditions. The Frontside collection offers mesh structural membranes that enhance the appearance of any facade and offer the benefits of warmth, visual comfort, clarity and durability. The Frontside View 381 could revolutionize the design of building envelopes with a pre-tensioned membrane for textile facades that protect the view. With the Frontside Print 371 printable membrane, building facades become a true means of communication.

Serge Ferrari flexible and innovative composite materials The company develops and manufactures flexible and innovative composite materials that are light, durable and recyclable. Designers can imagine new types of structures that take advantage of Serge Ferrari's lightweight materials to design bold shapes and solids with reduced amounts of raw materials and energy. The company's products are durable and retain their properties for a long time, which guarantees comfort of use and safe assembly. Thanks to a robust recycling program, Serge Ferrari gives its materials a second life and new applications, saving primary resources.

The company's strength lies in its various collections, including Alphalia, whose flexible composite materials combine lightness and acoustic properties. Alphalia can be used indoors and outdoors for stretch ceilings and walls, curtains, curtains, suspended canvases, acoustic panels, etc. Thanks to its unique micro-perforated texture, the collection provides excellent acoustic comfort without the need for additional materials such as foams and fibers. Alphalia Silent AW is an innovative sound-absorbing composite fabric suitable for new construction and renovation of commercial, sports or office buildings. This sound absorbing fabric can create comfortable spaces, improve sound and reduce stress.

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